Chief Medical Office Updates

Direct Providers


Guidelines and Procedures

2020. March COVID Screening Consumers Procedure

2020.11 CMO’s Recommendations Assessing elopement risk (communication)

2021.10 Nursing assigned to Assessment and Intake individuals (see also procedure for April 2022)

2022.2 Direct Clinics Safe Practice Guidelines Suspected Misuse of Controlled Med

2022.2 Feb Appendix A MCCMH Direct Clinics Controlled Substance Monitoring Process

2022.2 Opioid Patient Education

2022.4 Clozapine Procedure

2022.4 Clozapine workflow

2022.4 Coordination of Care Procedure

2022.4 Coordination of care workflow

2022.4 Lab Specimen Collection Procedure

2022.4 Providing Individuals Health Education

2022.4 Referral to complete SNA (T1001) workflow

2022.4 Referral to complete Specialized Nursing Assessment (T1001) Procedure

2022.4 Referring Individuals for Nursing Services Procedure

2022.4 Referring individuals to Nursing workflow

2022.4 RN Injection Procedure

2022.4 RN Injection workflow (final)

2022.6 Identification and Monitoring of Individuals at Elevated-Risk for Harm to Self-Others

2023.1 Guidelines Effective 1.27.23-Individual in Controlled Substances.

2023.1.27 Individual on Controlled Substances

2023.4 Treatment Plan Peer Review Requests

Opioid Patient Education

Direct Clinics Safe Practices Guidelines: Suspecting Ongoing Substance Use or Misuse or Prescribing Clinically Indicated Controlled Substances

Controlled Substance Monitoring Persons Served Information

2023.8 Injectable Benadryl for Acute EPS Reactions-Directs-Final

2023.8 Stockpiling Prevention Procedure – Directs

2023.10 Administering of Long Acting Injectables

2023.10 Laboratory Specimen Collection

2024.01.05 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescent







2020.4 CRMC- New Process

2021.11 Prescribing Agent E -Rx

2022.1 Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) Reports

2022.5 Multidisciplinary Team Huddles Memo

2022.9 Marijuana Prescribing Practices

2023.1 Clinical Treatment Team Best Practice – Ongoing Multidisciplinary Team Meetings

2023.2.10 Individuals who are seeing a Licensed Prescriber for the first time

CMO Memo-Directs-Individuals who are seeing a Licensed Prescriber for the first time

2023.11.22 Brief Screening Questionnaire for Walk-In Intakes

2023.12.06 Age of Consent for a Minor Seeking MH Services – Memo