The Training Portal

Welcome to the Training Portal! Trainings are available to service providers that are directly operated by MCCMH or a contracted provider agency. Our Training Department provides several trainings to assist in providing quality services to individuals and family members working towards their envisioned recovery.

Provided trainings are specific to each contracted provider’s developed policy and procedures, which will be provided based on a preferred training method. Training requirements are guided by the Medicaid manual provider qualifications, Michigan. Department of Health and Human Service contracts (MDHHS), licensing requirements for various contracted services, and legislative requirements for all programs that are funded with federal and state allocated funds. 

Types of Trainings

We provide in-person and online trainings centered around clinical person-centered planning, MDHHS required assessment tools (CAFAS, PECFAS, LOCUS), self-determination, Recipient Rights and more. We also provide online trainings that are centered around topics such as English proficiency, basics for culturally competent providers, grievance and appeals, trauma informed care and more. To sign-up or view our current training opportunities, check out calendar below!

Training Calendar

Welcome to our Training Calendar! Here, you’ll find a list of upcoming face-to-face trainings that are offered at our location or an alternative location. Before registering for a training, it’s important to note a few things as a provider of MCCMH:

1. Be sure to note the location and run time of each training event that is offered.

2. Adherence to the initial training time frame and recurring frequency thereafter is extremely important. The training content that a service provider is required to complete can impact a service provider’s ability to correctly and effectively execute a required job task, be eligible to bill Medicaid for a service, or be in compliance with federal and state requirements. There are unintended consequences that may arise when a service provider does not stay compliant with required trainings.

Overall, be sure to stay on top of all required trainings so that services aren’t interrupted for the people that we serve. Ready to get started? Check out our training calendar below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my trainings that were completed with another Community Mental Health entity be counted (reciprocated) by MCCMH

MCCMH recognizes that a number of service providers are working under two or more Community Mental Health systems and both CMH systems often have overlapping training requirements and has been taking steps to reduce the duplication of training by a service provider. The MCCMH Required Training Resource Guide for Reciprocated Trainings identifies current trainings that can be recognized. The Resource Guide for Reciprocated Training can be found within the Training Resource section.

In 2015, MCCMH entered collaborated with Oakland Community Health Network and Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network to reciprocate the Direct Support Professional trainings that is required for staff members working in licensed Specialized Residential programs. This agreement has guided MCCMH to reciprocate the Direct Support Professional trainings that were completed with Macomb Oakland Regional Center (MORC), Training and Treatment Innovations (TTI), and Community Living Services (CLS).

A service provider whom has a training that is eligible for reciprocation must adhere to MCCMH’s training standards and frequency or a frequency that requires the content to be completed at a more frequent time frame. 

What should I do with my training certificates once I have completed a required training?

Your employer should be provided with a copy of all your training certificates so they can retain it within your personnel file. It is good practice to ensure that you retain the original certificate for your own records in the event that one of your certificates is lost or misplaced.

Can I take one of the offered trainings even though I am not working with individuals that are part of the Macomb County Community Mental Health system?

Unfortunately, the trainings offered by the MCCMH Training Department are only open to service providers within the Macomb County Community Mental Health system.

What happens if I arrive late for training?

Trainings start promptly at the identified start time. Any individual that arrives 10 minutes after the scheduled start time will not be able participate in that specific training opportunity and have to reschedule.

Where is the Training Department located?

The MCCMH Training Department is located at 6555 15 Mile Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48312 within the Community Care Center in Sterling Heights. The MCCMH Training Department door is labeled with the word Training on it.

What information do I need to provide in order to register for training?

We will need your first and last name, the name of the company you are working for, your email, your phone number and the specific training information (Name of training, Date of Training, and time of training).

Also, all MCCMH offices are equipped with telephone interpreter services to help us talk to you in your native language. (We will place your call on “hold” briefly while we connect to an interpreter.)

How do I get to the MCCMH LMS website to complete my required trainings within my user profile?

Please have your username and password that you were provided available and click here to be directed to the MCCMH LMS login.

How can I contact the Training Department?

The MCCMH Training Department can be contacted for training registration or questions at              586-465-8326 or by emailing: [email protected]

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