To Our Providers

Thank you for partnering with Macomb County Community Mental Health to serve and meet the needs of our residents throughout Macomb County. We truly value and appreciate the hard-work and dedication channeled through your organizations to provide quality mental and behavioral health services. This section provides an overview of information to help you stay informed of our processes and procedures while connecting you to resources to carry out billing matters, contracts and more. 

Focus Login

Our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are centralized through a platform called FOCUS. Through FOCUS, we are able to collect and store patient’s health information, file and bill claims, etc. in a safe, digital format. In order to gain access to this system, a provider must complete a FOCUS Access Request Form and must have an established contract through MCCMH. Additional details can be referenced in the FOCUS Access Management Policy 3-016.

Provider Login

Our Provider Portal is used to review contracting documents and acts as a secure communication platform between providers and our Network Operations Department. 

Current Partnership Opportunities

Prior to reviewing our partnership opportunities, current providers are encouraged to evaluate the Michigan’s Mental Health Code, Medicaid Manual, our Procurement Policy 3-020, as well as the Audit Content and Timetable Policy 3-001 requirements to recertify their qualifications as a provider.
Once certified, complete our Provider Application, W-9 form and check out our current partnership opportunities below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we do when a staff member no longer requires access to FOCUS or moves on from our organization?

If a staff member who currently has access to the FOCUS EMR is no longer employed with the contracted provider or has a different role that does not require them to have access to FOCUS, please complete the FOCUS Access Request Form  and email it to [email protected].

How can we add a service to our current contract?

If a currently contracted provider would like to add a new service line to support MCCMH individuals, they should inform their assigned contract manager of the service that they’d like adapt to expand their contract. Please note that all providers must adhere to the RFP process to add services to their contract. 

What should we do if we cannot access the Provider Portal?

If a provider is not able to log in to the Provider Portal, they can call or email their contract manager or email [email protected] to request their login information. Providers can change their password and any necessary account information once they regain their access to the Provider Portal.

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