What’s a “Provider”?

Mental health providers are professionals who diagnose mental health conditions and provide treatment services. At MCCMH, we contract with various different organizations to support the needs of our community members within Macomb County. 

What’s are the Qualifications to Become a Provider?

To become a contracted provider, organizations must adhere to Michigan’s Mental Health Code, Medicaid Manual and MCO Policy requirements to qualify as a provider. These documents include information regarding proper accreditation of staff and the organization, quality measures and standards, service provisions under Medicaid, Health Michigan and MI Health Link funding.

Applying to Become a Provider
To become a contracted provider with MCCMH, organizations must be credentialed with MCCMH as well as utilize the competitive bid process via Request for Proposal (RFP) submission which includes an application, bidding process, procurement review and Board approval. For more details on the application process, please review the MCCMH Procurement Policy 3-020
If you have further questions about Credentialing and/or Contracting, please contact [email protected] for all behavioral health services and [email protected] for all Substance Use Disorder service.  Please but the services line you provide in the subject line of the email to assist us in best responding to your inquiry.
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