Women's Specialty Services

What are “Women’s Specialty Services?


Women’s Specialty Services are programs designed specifically for women who are in need of Substance Use Disorder treatment and are also pregnant and/or parenting. These services are designed to address all the physical and behavioral health needs of both the women in treatment and her child(ren)

In Michigan, women who are pregnant, or women with parental rights to their children are a priority for admission to treatment services. Parents who are involved with Children’s Protective Services, or whose children are in foster care or placement with relatives, are also eligible for services.


What do Women’s Specialty Services programs offer?

These specialty services provide or arrange for:

  • Primary medical care for women (i.e., prenatal and childcare for dependent children).
  • Primary pediatric care, including immunizations for their children.
  • Gender-specific substance abuse treatment and other therapeutic interventions for women that may address issues of relationships, sexual and physical abuse, and parenting.
  • Therapeutic interventions for children in custody of women in treatment, which may address their developmental needs, issues of sexual and physical abuse, and neglect.
  • Case management and transportation services.
  • Childcare for women to attend services.


How do I access Women’s Specialty Services?

To access any Women’s Specialty Services funded through the Macomb County Office of Substance Abuse, individuals must first contact the Macomb County Access Center for a screening and referral to treatment. You can contact the Access Center at 855-99-MCCMH (855-996-2264).

MCCMH Women’s Specialty Providers

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center-Clearview
Salvation Army Harbor Light-Evangeline Program

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