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0-001 MCO Manual Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: Corporate Compliance


 Chapter 2: Clinical Practice


Chapter 3: Provider Network Management


Chapter 4: Customer Relations/Member Services


 Chapter 5: Administration


 Chapter 6: Confidentiality


 Chapter 7: Financial Procedures


 Chapter 8: Quality Improvement


 Chapter 9: Recipient Rights


 Chapter 10: Directly-Operated Program Management


 Chapter 11: Substance Abuse


 Chapter 12: Utilization and Access Management

Executive Directives

Executive Directives Index

COVID-19 Notice

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and State of Michigan and CDC guidelines, most services are currently occurring via telehealth. Please contact the Access Center at 855-99-MCCMH to connect with services. Children's Mobile Crisis Services are available for in-person assessments as needed by calling the Crisis Center at 586-307-9100.