Common Issues With FOCUS

FOCUS states "User was disabled by system due to security violations"

This indicates that the password associated with the account has been typed incorrectly multiple times. In order to reset the password:

  1. Click the "I forgot my password" link directly under the login button.

  2. If you see the following page please enter your FOCUS User ID and the e-mail address associated with your FOCUS account:

  3. Click continue and you will see the following:

  4. Please check your e-mail, you should see an e-mail stating that a temporary password has been assigned to your account, it should look like this:

  5. Go back to the FOCUS login page and type in your Login ID, current temporary password and click 'Login'.

  6. On the following page you will have to enter your current/temporary password (the one sent to you in the e-mail) and then enter your new password twice. After entering this information click 'Save'.

If following the steps stated above does not work please feel free to e-mail [email protected] to reset the password.

Keep in mind that FOCUS requires passwords to be changed every couple of months. This is to ensure that consumer's information is kept secure. It is worthwhile to point out that FOCUS does not let you re-use passwords that have been recently used (in the past 6 - 12 months).

FOCUS states "Inactive"

This indicates that the account has been disabled by the system due to inactivity (a set amount of time going by without an account logging in). If this occurs, please contact Michelle Palmateer at 586-469-6301 or [email protected]

Other Problems Using FOCUS

If while using FOCUS you encounter any issues or have any questions or concerns. Please contact the FOCUS Helpdesk at (586) 463-8566 or [email protected]